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Telemedicine by simple means in AFRICA: Effect of telephone follow-up on the quality of patient compliance: practical experience: INR-PR monitoring by social messaging platforms in Morocco, study about 200 patients.


The Diagnosis Center of the Mohammed V Hospital of Rabat welcomes patients from different regions of Morocco. The long-distance travel, difficulty of access to care in rural Morocco, transportation problems, and delayed appointments all make follow-up of patients a very difficult task.


This is a prospective, comparative analytic study of 200 patients under oral anticoagulant therapy based on vitamin K antagonists (VKA), followed in cardiology consultation, all of whom come from rural areas where access to care is difficult.

These 200 patients were followed during 1 year in consultation, 100 of them (group 1) in standard consultation according to the appointments elaborated


Dr. Jaouad Nguadi

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