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Case report First case report of gall bladder agenesis and absences of extrahepatic biliary system

Background: Gallbladder agenesis and other biliary anomalies were a rare but well-documented anatomical variation. Pre-operative diagnosis may be difficult as patients can present with typical symptoms of biliary colic and imaging may be misleading. We report a first case of agenesis of the gallbladder and absences of extrahepatic biliary system. Anomalies of the biliary system are not uncommon; theses may involve the biliary ducts or the gall bladder. Gall bladder anomalies may be in the form of abnormalities in the shape, position, or cystic duct. They are usually discovered during surgery for gall stone disease or other surgeries involving the biliary system of the liver.


Elssayed Osman Elssayed

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