The Impact of Risk Factors on the Diastolic Dysfunction in Patients with Hypertension

Background: Hypertension (HTA) is often associated with other risk factors that play a role in etiology of HTA, or who may have a role in early heart damage such as diastolic dysfunction (DD).
Methods and Patients: The study included 419 patients with HTA. Patients were examined clinical, laboratory and echo cardiographic (ECHO): M-mode two-dimensional, pulsed and tissue Doppler.
Results: We found that number of HTA patients with EF<0.45 was 31 (7.4%), and number of HTA patients with diastolic dysfunction (DD) of 1 stage was 147 (35.1%). Number of HTA patients with >8 E/Ea and <15 was 112 (26.7%) and with E/Ea>15 was 15 (3.6%). The number of patients with DD was significantly higher when they had a BMI>25 kg/m² than when they had a BMI<25 kg/m² (p<0.025). The HTA patients with DD were significantly older (62.14 years vs. 52.57 years, p<0.001). The difference was significant between the HTA patients with DD age 40-49 years and age 50-59 years, between age 40-49 and age 60-69 years (p<0.001, p<0.033 respectively). The differences also exist between the number HTA patients with DD age 50-59 years and age 60-69 years (p<0.005). The differences exist between HTA patients with DD of the duration of HTA of 0-5 years and with more than 10 years of duration of HTA (p<0.018). The HTA patients with a higher level of maximum systolic BP had significantly frequently DD (190.66 vs. 183.27, p<0.005). In a multivariate analysis of paramount influence on DD were age (p=0.001), higher level of maximum systolic BP (p=0.006).
Conclusion: Left ventricular DD in hypertensive patients could be prevented if the risk factors such as obesity and maximum height of systolic BP could be controlled so to be within normal limits.


Knezevic B*, Music L, Batricevic G, Bulatovic N, Nenezic A, Vujovic J, Dragovic I, Raonic M, Orlandic O, Opivoda M

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